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Mind Over Menopause By Zoilita Grant MS. CCHt. Approximately 1,600,000 women enter menopause each year. Many of these women experience a variety of different uncomfortable symptoms. Even for those who are free of troubling symptoms, this is an important transition time that requires changes in attitudes that match the changes taking place within the body. All women need to be... Read More »

Stage Fright by Del Hunter Morrill, M.S, C.C.H There is an old saw that “speaking in front of others” is the second most terrifying thing a person has to do in his or her life. If it is the second, then what is the first? Some say death, and some say burning alive. What is it about performing that would make it... Read More »

Overqualified or Over Stated? by Michael O’Sullivan

A tongue in cheek look at our profession The plethora of qualifications and designatory letters after many a hypnotherapists name can be a cause of some confusion to members of the public and indeed, other healthcare professionals. Even should the reader know what the various letters mean, in some cases they may not mean what... Read More »

Hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation, what’s the difference? by Alice Penion

An idea that takes root in the subconscious mind has no capacity for reasoning and MUST be discharged in motor action – whether a good or a bad idea. Essentially every single word uttered to a subject in a hypnotic state such as those experienced in any meditative or relaxation yoga practices may result in... Read More »

Hypnosis and fertility: how can hypnotherapy improve the IVF experience and increase the chances of success? By Sjanie Hugo BA, D.Hyp, PGD.Hyp, MBSCH GQHP Conception is defined as the union of a male sperm and a female ovum resulting in a zygote. Prior to the first pregnancy which resulted from in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in 1973 it was believed that human fertilisation must occur within the woman’s body. Although this pregnancy only lasted a few days, it wasn’t... Read More »

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