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Mission statement: The purpose of this web site is to provide articles and information about hypnotherapy and hypnosis, for both members of the public and for professional interest. If you are looking for articles about hypnotherapy or information about hypnotherapy then this site is an excellent start. We are growing and adding new material regularly. This site is posted for information only and its contents should not be considered a replacement for professional treatment or training. Your use of this site is subject to accepting our disclaimer

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This is a themed web site and only articles pertaining to hypnosis and hypnotherapy are accepted. Articles aimed at the general public should be educational and/or informative and preferably written in non-technical language (or clearly explaining technical terms where they have to be used). We do not propose a template for articles as each submission will also reflect the writing style of the contributing author.

Submissions for the professional interest section of this site, although open to everyone, can and should assume a level of knowledge to practising hypnotherapist standard.

Articles which contain advertising or which are written primarily to promote products, training courses and other services will not be accepted. Likewise, we do not accept advertorials, where the main aim of an article is to promote services rather than provide information.

Kindly note that we are unable to provide a proof reading service, however we can recommend one if required.

NOTE: Please refrain from sending emails signed ‘links manager’ or other non-specific job title. Communications that do not contain the name and contact details of the sender will be automatically deleted and the sender blacklisted. We receive hundreds of such emails a year and basically life’s too short. The aim of this site is to help hypnotherapists publish information that helps the public understand how hypnotherapy can benefit them, NOT to provide a platform for links managers to promote their clients sites without contributing to the knowledge pool we are working to build. Signing off communications properly is just common courtesy and good manners.

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All material provided on this site is for educational purposes only – if you have any concerns about your health you should consult your medical practitioner or seek assistance from an appropriate specialist. The information provided on this site is not intended to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment.

Contributing authors remain responsible for their own material and Hypnotherapy Articles does not necessarily agree with the views of articles published on this site. This site is provided as a free public service and publication of an article on this site should not in itself be considered an endorsement

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